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Hired them to do our floors. Sometimes they showed up and then days would go by with no phone call or anything.

Eventually they walked off the job and it was never completed. Had to hire a company to install something completely different over the top of their crappy work. Their skills leave a lot to be desired. Very poor communication skills.

On the days when they DID show up, sometimes they did not even have the appropriate materials and/or tools to do the job. They would leave saying that they were going to go get what they needed and then never come back!

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I feel so bad for this company. I have worked with them on many projects and nothing posted here was my experience.

They have my info and can use me as a reference anytime. This kind of thing is so damaging and is hurtful to small businesses just trying to keep thier heads above water. I would be more than happy to invite anyone to my home and have also written a letter of reference for any future clients.

I would be happy to speak to anyone just ask for my info. This really looks like a personal attack and it is so unfair for someone just to say such horrible statements.


This review comes as an absolute shock as Concrete Canvas contacted me in an attempt to locate the above customer. Concrete Canvas installed counter tops and flooring in my home at the beginning of this month and they did a superb job.

I did not experience any of what is stated here. I would be more than willing to provide a reference and pictures. Please do not hesitate to contact me at ReagenBuffett@gmail.com.

My installation went without hitch. I was pretty demanding and they did everything to accommodate me.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #893220

This is a false review and not even from a customer of concrete customer. I would ask anyone to request proof from this individual.

Concrete Canvas takes pride in our work and has many very satisfied customers.

This is unfortunate that someone felt the need to write this false review. It most definitely is not fact.

to krystal #915073

It is unfortunate that your company is incompetent. And yes Krystal Teal and your husband Steven Bonds did a horrible job.

It is funny that you, Krystal, have to defend all of these negative comments on here. You have some excuse for all of the ridiculous work that your company leaves behind. The truth is that your company is unprofessional and has no idea what you are doing.

You are scamming your customers and you should be ashamed of yourself. Do not hire this company!!!!

to Anonymous #956353

What is unfortunate is people in your personal lives try to tear you down professionally. Feel free to post your proof a picture perhaps of the job we did for you.

See the thing is you can't because we have been on the same corporate project for almost two years now and it would be impossible for you to prove your complaint because it's bogus. On the other had I welcome anyone who would like to see where we have actually been working on out to the site. My advice would be to get a hobby, job or life. That might help you.

maybe post a picture of the contract between us or even maybe the dates of your job anything. If you can't provide the proof then stop posting bogus lies.

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